Monday, May 27, 2024

united Base players

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We here at United Base Players have been busy playing games and focusing on real life for a while, hence the reason our website was offline for a while. However, the code monkeys have been hard at work to roll out a new website for the masses!

Don't like orange? If you log in, go to your profile page, you can actually change the color of the layout! Go for full pink, just like Doppler likes it. (Really, you can choose whatever color you want!)
While the games we play have changed, our code and core values haven't changed much over the last 10 years of gaming. Our specific rules have changed a bit here and there, but the main code behind uBp has remained the same: respect, integrity, maturity, honor and loyalty.
Having spent a bit of time in "Ark", a game that is still in "alpha" stages, and gotten quite frustrated with the horrible state of the game (having to restart from scratch numerous times, after multiple updates), we are taking a break from it. We have moved onto a space game, called "Empyrion". It is similar to Ark, but it is in space, on multiple planets, and a lot fewer bugs. Join us!
uBp is also still hosting one minecraft server, called uBp|Eden. Hop on in and kill some creepers with us sometime! Our Eden server currently is updated for the latest version of Minecraft and will continue to be updated as new versions come out. It also has multiple worlds (normal, creative, PVP, a SkyLands, and a RPG world which is still under construction).
If you are looking to reconnect with old uBp members, we are still online playing games. Check out our group in Steam or Facebook:
Steam Group
Facebook Group

Both groups are invite only, so contact one of our admins via email or private message to be added to the group.
Now Teamspeak is giving way to a new voice chat program, called "Discord".
You can connect to our voice server through this link:

You can download it here: