Sunday, July 3, 2022

united Base players

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Attention Ex-Members Wanting to Re-Join :: Elwoodini

Ok, we have had a few people leave this clan to create or join new ones with their friends that they've made here. Generally speaking, if they leave without causing drama, then they can come on back and play in our servers all they want.

If they leave on a bad note and cause drama, well then we, the founders, feel it is best to sever ties and wish them the best of luck. Usually, this means that they will be forcibly removed from [uBp] resources (game servers, forum, ventrilo...), as we have found in the past that people that leave on a bad note tend to come back and cause more drama then when they left.

Now we have a new situation cropping up. Some of the members that have left wish to come back. Either they wish to come back as full members or they wish to come back just to play with their friends on our servers as public people. However, because of the recent issues with public people in our ventrilo and forums, we have decided to remove all pubic (non-members) from both. Again, if there was no drama when they left, we will allow them to continue to play in our game servers if they abide by our rules.

We are trying to keep the drama to a minimum and we are trying to let people that are friends play together again, if they want to. As a group, we are trying to remember why we are all here.

Playing video games.