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united Base players

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Join Request Instructions
We're glad that you want to join us. This page details the procedures on how to join on up.
Make sure you understand the general clan rules (Click here).
Make sure you understand our privacy policy (Click here).
You must be 18 years or older.
You must have played with one of our members and have that member ask you to join us.
When you fill out the join request (below), remember the following:
Do not put '[uBp]', 'uBp|' or any variation as part of your nick name.
Do not put any of the following characters in your user name:
~ ` ! # $ % ^ & * + = { } \ | ; ' " > < ?
Once you fill out the form and an administrator here looks it over:
An e-mail with some general information will be sent soon, after an administrator verifies the information that you have provided.
If you submit a request that has a user name that is not appropriate your request will be deleted.
If you submit an invalid email address you will not be accepted.
If an email address is already being used in the clan you cannot use it again.
The password you chose is what you will use to log into the forums and must be no less then 5 and no more then 16 characters in length.
Join Request Form
(fields marked with a * are required)
* Requested user name:
(no uBp| tag, must not already be in member list):
* Your current email address:
(we won't give it out, we swear!):
* Password:
(must be 5 to 16 characters):
* Confirm password:
(just to make sure you didn't mistype):
* Date of Birth:
(you have to be 18 years of age or older):
Steam Profile:
(Steam game system ID):
(FaceBook link/user name):
Your Webpage:
(no explicit content please):
(city, state, state of mind, etc...):
* Country:
(so we know where you are):
* Time Zone:
(so we know when you'll be on):
(what you do for a living):
* The game that brought you here:
(please select one):
* Which would you like to be:
(if you don't want to join the forums as a member, choose here)
* Who recruited or referred you:
(the member that you played with)
* Why are you here:
(tell us about you and why you want to join):
Forum Options:

* Due to the graphic nature of some of the games we play and online privacy and security laws protecting children, all members must be 18 and older.
Any falsification of information will not be tolerated by the uBp leadership and will result in an immediate deletion of your account, and a permanent ban from all of uBp|United Base Players.