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united Base players

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Unban Request Form
Unban Request Form Instructions
If you are unable to view any other pages, other then this unban request page and the rules page, that means that your IP address has been banned.
Fill out the following form if you feel as if you have been wrongly banned from any uBp|United Base Players servers, Ventrilo, websites or uBp|United Base Players in general.
Please fill out as much information as possible and, remember, this is to try to get your ban lifted, so please be respectful. Please note that any field with an asterisk (*) before it is a required field.
If you don't know our rules, please look at the rules page here.
Unban Request Form
* The user name that you were using:
(so we know who you are)
* A valid email address:
(so we can get ahold of you to discuss this)
Your IP Address:
(if different, type it in below)
Your GUID:
(if your game has them)
* The game or server that you've been banned from:
(please select one)
* Why did you get banned:
(events leading up to the ban, which servers, any admins or members on at the time)